Audio Installation (2018)
Reverse Rituals, Talbot Rice Gallery

Sound of a solo voice, joined by more solo voices to form a choir. Played through four speakers located at the four corners of the gallery’s balcony simulating a call and response between voices.


Moving-image Installation (2015) Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art

Footage of a black-out blind recorded, edited and then re-projected back onto itself.

"As a consequence of the use of technology, the human body is pushed towards centre stage. In some cases viewers are directly presented with the body of the artist, mediated through video or performance, while other more ambient works facilitate a heightened awareness of one's own body. This year an increasing number of students have turned to explore the resonance of the spaces that they have been occupying... Helen Leigh uses projection and sound to subtly enhance the sensation of a blackout blind flapping against the open window; a minimally ambient installation that leaves viewers baffled as to where the work actually resides." Jessica Ramm on ECA Degree Show, The Skinny 2015

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Video (2015)


Video (2014)
Strip lights flickering on and off, making squeaking noises.


Video Installation (2017)
Technically Speaking II, Tent Gallery

An empty lift moving through the floors is filmed and then played throurgh CRT screens stacked on top of each other.
Lift, Installation view

Hand Dryer

Sound Installation (2015) Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art

Hand-dryer installed with speaker instead of a fan. The hand-dryer sings to you, instead of drying your hands for you. 

Hand-Dryer, Installation View


Moving Image Installation (2016)Helen Leigh, Pig Rock Bothy, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Moving-image installation
“Described by the artist as ‘abstract moving images’, Leigh’s work is usually made in response to a specific space or object. The resulting video installations aim to draw attention to and subtly enhance the everyday; whether that be a chink of light creeping through a window, the edge of a blind, or the sound of a flickering light.” Julie-Ann Delaney, SNGMA

Screen, Installation View

Blind II

Video (2014)
Two black-out blinds dancing and moving together in the wind.

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